Beloved tribe,

We wanted to take the time to tell you guys how grateful we are for your support.

We literally got dozens of emails from women all around the world who could relate to our latest video, where we shared our current process of Priska’s unfulfilled baby-wish.

It’s such an honor that we could start this kind of difficult conversation and create a safe space for honest sharing.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for that gift.

We just recorded an update video that we want to share with you.

PLUS we have just released a new series!

Every week we’re going to post a new 1-“minute-ish” “Tip Of The Week With Bas And Priska” to support you in attracting and creating epic Love.

Please hop over to our YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe there and click on the little bell sign, so that you’ll never miss out on any drop of wisdom.

Watch HERE the first episode!

And below you find the video we’ve recorded for you from the magical forest in Bergen.

With so much Love,
Bas and Priska