The Sacred Marriage Activation For Couples And Singles

We are beyond grateful and excited to share this powerful activation with you, received and recorded by

Bas and Priska Waijers.

Unveil the Sacred Alchemy of (Self-)Love!

Embark on a transformative journey toward a profound Sacred Marriage activation that harmonizes the divine masculine and divine feminine within you and/or strengthens the union with your partner.

Are you ready to ignite, awaken, and unite the fires of your divine masculine and feminine essence?

Are you all set to unleash the power of sacred union within, where the dance of strength and compassion creates a symphony of balance and bliss?

This Activation is Sacred Alchemy, inviting you to embrace the Unity of Opposites and discover the Divine Equilibrium pulsating at the Heart of your Being.

Your Sacred Marriage activation awaits!

 This divine (inner) marriage ceremony, channeled and recorded by Priska & Bas, is for YOU!

With this sacred tool, you can proclaim and activate your own Sacred Marriage Vows.

Since this is the Sacred Marriage of your masculine/feminine self with your human/divine self, and also applicable with your partner, it represents, in essence, a 4-way marriage.

You can do this ceremony on your own to call in your soulmate partner or unite your inner feminine and masculine.

And you can do it together with your divine counterpart to strengthen the bonds of love.

We cannot wait to hear, what this sacred ritual is going to do for you!

With so much love,

Bas and Priska