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“These two are hands down the best of the best!”

I can’t say enough wonderFULL things about Priska and Bas

These two are complete love, dedicated to the unfoldment of greater truth in connection, and truly have the care to cut through the shi* and get to the bottom of relationship miracles. 

They truly make a difference. For anyone needing help with relationship support, look no further. These two are hands down the best of the best!

Gina Nicole Ballard

Feng Shui Practitioner & Certified Intuitive Counselor

“The Embodiment Of Spiritual Leadership”

Bas & Priska dare to step into the vortex where glamour meets spirituality.
They personify the new waves of spiritual embodied leadership and lead their movement with their heart’s truth.
Elisa Canali

Intuitive Business Mentor, Clairvoyant, Quantum Specialist, Master Human Design & Gene Keyes Expert

How Would It Feel To Have THE Relationship Of Your Dreams…

… and to experience more serenity, integrity, joy, and alignment in your love life?

Whatever your relationship status is, we can support you to create the love you want by reconnecting you with your:


~ unique relationship blueprint (a set of one-of-a-kind, exclusive codes especially for you)

~ most authentic and magnetic self

~ innately beautiful ability to lean back and receive 

~ inherent Queen/King and inner BraveHeart energy


We will work together to clean up your relationship attic and dismantle all the limiting beliefs and stories that hold you back from your intrinsic power, purpose, and prosperity.

We will dive into your own personal relationship roadmap and re-connect you to your unique blueprint that will lead you to the kind of love you are entitled to have, the relationship of your soul’s desire.


And last but not least, we will help you to become more magnetic and align you with your highest self so that you attract THE soulmate of your dreams. Manifestation: ON!!!

Your most basic human need is: 


in the deepest way possible.



By a person who truly sees you – the full monty.

Who chooses to be with you, no matter what.

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 We have dedicated our lives to LOVE. 


And we want to show you, how you can step out of the painful patterns of past experiences and attract and co-create a relationship that not only fills up your heart and soul…


… but also allows you to be the most authentic, magnetic, and empowered version of yourself.


A bond of love that will stand the test of time…


(…and parry any curveball that life might throw at you.)



If WE could find each other – even when living in different countries,  even with one of us being married – you can do it too!


If WE could make it to the other end with the endless buffet of shit-sandwiches that have been presented to us – you and your beloved will as well!


Let us show you how!


Next to working with psychology

and neurobiology (we are both licensed coaches), we also work
with shamanic and spiritual tools



~ Soul Journeys 

~ Cellular Healing Sessions

~ Activations

~ Alignment Work 

~ Archetypes

~ Spiritual Rituals

~ Gene Keys 

~ Human Design



Before we’re getting started, please make a choice:

“He proposed to me last week, I’m SO happy!”

“Less than a few weeks after working with Bas and Priska, I have met the most wonderful man.

It feels like pure magic to be with him and I have no doubt that he must be my soulmate.

I am forever grateful for Bas and Priska’s support as I’m living now the amazing partnership I have always longed for.



“Bas and Priska are an excellent coaching-team”

Priska and Bas are a very authentic, open and honest couple.

Their energy and their story – all the things they went through themselves – made us working with them.

We have learned a lot from them. Thank you very much for your energy and for this chance to become even better lovers.

Bernarda and Benno


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“Priska & Bas are THE Relationship Experts in Europe!”

Bas and Priska not only have A REMARKABLE love-story, they are truly walking their talk when it comes to “Conscious Love” or “Epic Love,” how they are calling it, like nobody else.

Maria Appelqvist, Ph.D. CPCC.

International Coach, Author, Speaker, and Conscious Love Expert

Let us help you create the happy and blissful love life you want.


See you on the other side!


With all our Love,

Bas and Priska

© 2021 Bas & Priska