Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and kiss your wild and limitless self awake?

Wait no longer.
Your life needs you – NOW!


Are you sick and tired of playing it small?


Watch the world shift when you align with your true values, and unapologetically own your energy and gifts. 

Would you like to feel safe in this world?


Learn how to connect with your inner security and be free to do whatever your heart calls you to do.

Would you like to wake up every day to a life where you experience abundance in all areas?


Learn how to align with your dreams and create miracles everywhere you go.

Are you ready to play the main role in the movie called Life?


Connect with your inner S/Hero and rock your time here on this planet to the max.

Would you like to know what Life has in store for you?


Define your vision and start walking towards your dream, enjoying every step along the way as you harvest miracles and surprises, and find happiness in the NOW.

Would you like to live with the certainty that you cannot do anything wrong and that everything in life happens for you (and not to you)?

Learn how to build your trust muscle and see how Life will conspire to help you live your dreams.

🗝 Reclaiming the power over your life and become the S/Hero you actually are.

🗝 Defining your core desired feelings and living a rich and fulfilled life – each and every day.


🗝 Finding an inner stability on which you can rely


🗝 Inviting miracles galore, then celebrating their appearance


🗝 Freeing your inner S/Hero and standing up for your desires


🗝 Finding fulfillment in all areas of your life by bravely living your Truth


🗝 Discovering true sister – and brotherhood and connection (yes, even online!)


🗝 Defining and celebrating your own worth


🗝 Falling deeply and madly in Love with yourself

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What you get and how it works:

Six live teachings with two trained, experienced, and dedicated coaches (learn from the masculine and the feminine perspective) to guide your transformational journey 

The best private community on Facebook with a selected group of like-minded people to share, learn, grow, and hang out with. 

1 live QnA / Celebration Call to implement everything we have learned and discovered on that journey together

Full Access to all teachings during and after the program within the extra Facebook group we will open for you.

Exercises, Home”Work”, Meditations, Activations… We will serve you with all the materials that will support you on your journey.

Our full-blown and perfectly embodied magic. (The one who already have been working with us, know what we’re talking about.)

Kiss your true essence alive

and become the person you actually are.

What Alumni Sheroes have to say:

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Awaken Your inner S/Hero


STARTING JUNE 14th, 2021


This program is for you if:

🏹 You’re ready to take full responsibility for your happiness and life and own your unique energy unapologetically

🏹 You’re ready to embrace positive change in your life


🏹 You want to create miracles


🏹 You love to connect with like-minded people and want to be part of creating a beautiful community


🏹 You’re ready to fall madly and deeply in Love with yourself and your life


🏹 You’re ready to take over the leading role and be the S/Hero of your life


🏹 You’re a CHANGE-MAKER, a wo/man aware of your life’s worth and the knowledge that you’re here to make a difference

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We are excited to hear from you and get to know you!

This program is NOT for you if:

– You think we are going to solve all your problems (we’re going to show you how you can do that on your own!)

You blame other people for what isn’t working in your life

You’re not ready to connect with people online

You think you already know everything and aren’t open to new ways or to a new approach to something familiar

You’re okay with being miserable

“With the Shero program I had the breakthroughs within six weeks what a whole year’s program was not able to do: to experience my truth with my soul.”

I have no idea HOW she does that, but I respect Priska so much for her women-work and for the magic she unleashes.

What the Sheroes teaches is priceless. Something that can never be lost. Freedom. Truth. Love.

To live in your own terms.

That’s worth millions.


“I am a true Shero now!”

Before the program I was stuck and constantly depressed. Always worrying about what others could think about me when I would show up with all my visions and dreams and my true self.

I was so fed up with playing small.

Through this incredible journey, I learned how to feel the fear and to do it anyway. I felt like I literally moved mountains. Fears to which I’d kept holding onto for years just … disappeared.

In these 6 weeks, I found my inner Shero, who I nurture now each and every day! I am so proud and grateful!

Andrea Löffler

Therapist, Singer, and Coach

“I have finally become the woman I knew I was.”

Through this program  I learned to embrace myself even more fully and I am not afraid of what people could think of me.

I know now that I am born to shine and to follow my way. And above all, I realized that I have it ALL in me.

Everything I need or ever will need. What a gift.

Sonja Isabelle

Model, Entrepreneur

“This Shero program has transformed my life.”

What the Sheroes mom did within this group cannot be put into words.

She made souls shine.

Everywhere I go, people greet me without having ever met them before.

Priska has this magical ability to know exactly how every person can grow precisely in their strength.

I’ve done tons of courses, trainings and workshops, but Priska has reached a depth with us that I never knew before.

Because Priska is who she is, she allows us to be exactly the women we are in our full potential. 

Birte Bräutigam

Coach, Luxury Estate Agent, Entrepreneur

“6 weeks with Priska and Bas will change your life!”

If you say yes to claiming your best life and trust them with your heart.

These two beautiful souls created a safe and open space to explore some of the deepest parts of myself… Parts that had, up to now, only shown me confusion and pain.

They held my hand and guided me gently with truth and raw authenticity. They taught me how to see myself as a queen, invest in myself, and allow myself to be seen and loved exactly as I am.

Erin Ockenfels


“My life has drastically changed!”

When I think back to where I started and where I am standing now, I see that my life has drastically changed.

In the beginning, I felt a certain heaviness

– and now over these 6 weeks, I’ve had so many insights that I now feel so much happier.

The private Facebook group is a great support and I don’t get only to hear one answer – like in private coaching – but so many different opinions, which is very precious.

And hey – I just started out. This program is so much longer than “just” six weeks.


This is for the Bravehearts and TruthSeekers who are ready to invest in finding their true selves.



Early bird: € 1999 (expires June 1st, 2021)

Normal price: € 2222


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We are excited to hear from you and get to know you!

You get everything that is mentioned above PLUS:

Your Private Intensive With Bas & Priska


In this 90 minute session we’re going to dive deep into your current love situation and unmask the biggest blocks that are holding you back.


Human Design & Gene Keys Reading


Want to know in-depth what is going on in your charts? You will get a personal reading from us (including a recording of the reading and a custom-made guide with all your personal details.)

Exclusive Email or Messenger Support


Are you having a melt-down and do you need some words of wisdom? Or are you about to date a person and don’t know how to handle things? We’re here for you via email or Messenger.

Let us take you under our wings for the whole 6 weeks.

We’ve got your back! 

Do you want the V.I.P. offer? Then let’s talk!

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We are excited to hear from you and get to know you!

Dedicated Coaches, Powerful Healers, Passionate Lovers  

Their love-story alone is movie-material: Them meeting each other for the first time in another realm during meditation, overcoming 1001 obstacle in order to finally be together.


In short: Their love was meant to be and Life pushed them beyond all limits to leave their comfort zones and live a life united as partners.


Bas and Priska are both licensed coaches and teachers, have a background of various healing techniques and are one-of-a-kind in their field.


They unite the very down-to-earth tools with spirituality and the power of other realms.

Since 2017 they are supporting singles and couples all around the world in attracting and keeping big, soul-stirring love with much success.


When Human Design and the Gene Keys entered their lives, there was no more turning back. 


They dedicated themselves to integrate this ancient wisdom into their work.


Love By Design is their group program to hand over the keys of that powerful knowledge.


They feel that Life brought them together not only for their own happiness but also for a bigger mission.


They feel it as their divine duty to do their part in rising the vibration on this planet by supporting singles and couples in attracting, keeping, and sustaining romantic relationships.


Bas and Priska always choose love, no matter what. Are you ready to do the same?


The “Love Alchemists Magic” has been transforming many lives already and Bas and Priska can’t wait to touch yours!


“The Embodiment Of Spiritual Leadership”

Bas & Priska dare to step into the vortex where glamour meets spirituality.
They personify the new waves of spiritual embodied leadership and lead their movement with their heart’s truth.

Elisa Canali

Intuitive Business Mentor, Clairvoyant, Quantum Specialist, Master Human Design & Gene Keyes Expert

The Love Alchemists Effect:

 Priska & Bas are the Greatest Relationship Experts of Europe!

Maria Appelqvist, Ph.D. CPCC.

International Coach, Author, Speaker, and Conscious Love Expert



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We are excited to hear from you and get to know you!

We can’t wait to create miracles together with you!