The Mystery School Of

The Sacred Masculine & Feminine

The Mystery School Of The Sacred
Masculine & Feminine

  For Couples, Singles – and Everybody In-Between.

  For Couples, Singles – and Everybody In-Between.

Gates To The Mystery School Are Opening
for the first time: September, 2023

(Next time March 2024)

Do you long to create a life that is filled with purpose and meaning; do you desire to find a way to bring more spirituality into your everyday life (no matter at which stage of your spiritual journey you are), and are you eager to learn more about your true nature, your essence… ?


Are you ready to “decode” what it actually means to be a man or a woman in today’s world – and even more important, what it represents TO YOU…?

Are you willing to break through old stories and dogmatic stereotypes of performative femininity and masculinity and committed to re-writing that “script”  in a safe space…?

Do you want to invest in a world where the masculine and feminine bring out the best in each other in mutual trust, respect, and divine

And do you ache to find your place in the world and within a group of like-minded sisters and brothers, ready to embody the change you want to see in this lifetime….?


Then we welcome you to The Hieros Gamos Mystery School.

THE place where we learn and grow together in full equality, explore our femininity, masculinity, the merging of the two, and everything else that makes us who we are as a men and women in this ever-changing world.

Do You Remember?

[For the best experience, please listen with headphones 🎧 ]

This is For the Seekers & BraveHearts, 

who are ready to Create A New World.

Never before has there been such a deep need for the Masculine and the Feminine to unite

– as within so without.

Brother, we need you in your full strength and power; your deep clarity of what your unique and personal masculinity looks like, ready to step up in your mission, create a safe space for the ones around you – and leave your legacy.
We need you to break away from toxic gender norms that promote aggression and domination and, instead, embrace a more balanced and healthy form of masculinity.

Are you ready to be emotionally vulnerable, seek connection with other men and women, and be an ally in the fight for social justice? To step up and redefine what it means to be a “real man” and how this can go in tandem with your spiritual journey? 


Sister, we deeply require your healing presence and the remembrance of your true nature – the ancient magic that lives within you, the medicine that has the strength to change the world. We need your feminine power and unique qualities.

Are you ready to reconnect with nature and the cycles of the moon and seasons to create a harmonious balance for all living beings? To meet other women and men to generate a world where we can heal and build together? To embrace your true self and tap into your inner strength, creativity, and wisdom to bring positive change to this planet?

Men and Womenit is time to finally heal the wounds between our hearts and start to realize that we need each other. Safety, peace, and true freedom can only live in a world where we unite our power – within ourselves and together as humanity.

The world needs you!

After many years of working with men and women, we realized that the main cause of the issues between the both stems from a deep wounding between the masculine and feminine within.

In nowaday’s society, it has become more and more challenging to filter the noise and find our own inner Truth.

So many men feel totally lost in the ever-changing sea of masculine frameworks and are struggling to find their way of showing up as a modern man in this world, fighting for a balance between outer expectations and their own inner medicine.

So many women feel uninspired and empty – no matter how much success they manifest on the outside. “There is just something missing!” Instead of going within, they tend to seek solutions on the outside.

Besides the confusion and loss of meaning in life, so many of us are still fighting (un)conscious wounds between the masculine and feminine.

So much distrust.

So many stereotypes.

So much hurt on both sides.

It is time to build bridges, brothers and sisters, and finally, realize that we need each other to thrive, expand, and create in this world.

The Sacred 3 Pillars of Our Mystery School

🌕 The Feminine Face of The Mystery School

☀️ The Masculine Face of The Mystery School

🌑 The Sacred Marriage (Hieros Gamos)

Next to the safe containers for men and women, where we will meet twice a month to learn and grow (brothers with brothers, sisters with sisters) – (SEE HERE ALL THAT IS INCLUDED), we will meet every 3 new moons to exchange and learn WITH each other as men and women united.

In these Sacred Meetings, you will not only meet conscious people from the opposite gender but also learn from each other and support the co-creation of the divine merging between the two.

Next to those 3-monthly Sacred Containers, we will also celebrate all High Holy Days of the Wheel of the Year together.

So there is A LOT to look forward to…

But first: 

Please make A Choice:

We bring together those on a journey toward embodying the Sacred Masculine and Feminine, so that we can harness our personal power and manifest positive change in ourselves, our lives,

and the world.

We bring together those on a journey toward

embodying the Sacred Masculine and Feminine,

so that we can harness our personal power

and manifest positive change in ourselves, our lives,

and the world.

Does this sound like you?

  Do you have a hunger for your own magic, medicine, fire, and bigger purpose of your existence? 

A sense of incompleteness or lacking in certain areas of your life? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by and stuck in alll the roles you have as a mother, partner, friend, daughter, business owner,… you name it? 

Is there a craving for more connection with yourself and nature around you?

Do you have this faint remembrance of yourself being a magical, a sacred woman, a witch, or a priestess,… but you have forgotten how to reconnect to her?

Are you ready to remember your soul’s sacred song that you came here to sing and to share with others?

Do you wish to connect to likeminded sisters who are on the same journey as you are?

Are you aching to learn more about the sacred feminine and about her-story that so often got lost or tempered with in history?



The Truth is, that this world hasn’t been a very safe space for the Feminine.

There was a time when women were worshipped as the bearer of magic through their intuitions and their cyclic being; the Goddess was real and alive.

This magical woman was a sight to behold. She radiated an aura of enchantment that captivated those around her. Her powers were something of a mystery, but those who had witnessed her spells knew she possessed immense talent. Her abilities included bending light to change the colors of objects, levitating small things with a flick of her wrist, and even healing wounds with a single touch. She was wise beyond her years, and her insights into life were awe-inspiring. It was said that those who befriended her were blessed with good fortune, and many sought her guidance.


But then the big change happened and all the feminine has been erased from the face of the earth or was labeled “weak” or “evil.”

We all have been brainwashed and molded into a very specific acceptable way of being feminine – the kind, over-giving mother (preferably one that is also a virgin) – and this Archetype has been alive within all of us over centuries.

The huge trauma of the witch burns – the brutal torture and killing of the medicine women, shamankas, priestesses – or simply the women who didn’t fit in – is still very much alive within all of us.

But the time has come to reclaim what has been ours all along.

Our space in society as the Sacred, Magical and Wild Women that we are.

The yearning to unleash our inner powers is a primal need. It’s the hunger for our own magic. The feeling that there’s something beyond our skin, an enigmatic essence that’s begging to be released. It’s a wild impulse to create, connect, and transform our reality. The thirst for magic to explore new territories, push boundaries, and discover our true potential. It’s the spark that ignites our soul and sets us ablaze with an unquenchable passion for life.

Embrace the hunger for your own magic, and let it lead you to your destiny.

The Feminine Face Of the Hieros Gamos the Mystery School is born out of the desire to help you remember.



To remember your greatness and your magic.

Your sovereignty inside your human body, embracing and your divinity.

Your Wild and Sacred Essence that is tired of hiding and playing by the rules, of adapting, of being anything else but herself.

In This Temple and Mystery School we will remember.

And bring more ritual and sacredness into your life.

Being a whole woman in all your aspects within a safe space to explore, to be held, to grow – on your very own terms.

We are here to guide you back home to this safe place inside.

Darling, don’t you know that you are a miracle?

Just think about the thousands and thousands of ancestors that overcame all kinds of adversaries just for you to be here today.

You are their living legacy and biggest pride.

It’s time for you to remember, who you are, beloved sister!

Time for you to claim the throne of your life.

“Working with Priska has changed my Life!”

Priska, embodies a mesmerizing blend of being a fierce and committed shero and a sensitive vulnerable woman at the same time.
You have such deep empathy and I can always feel how interested you truly are in understanding how someone else experiences something. That is fascinating to me. You are the 𝐐𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐨𝐟 𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐠 to me.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a cheerleader throughout this journey and for showing me your excitement for what is possible for myself and others.
Alisha Belluga

MetaQueen, Multi 8 Figure Business Mentor

“Priska’s Work Is Worth Millions”

Priska managed within 6 weeks what a whole year’s program could not: to experience my truth within my soul.

Her work is pure magic and what she teaches is priceless. A piece that you always have with you and that no one can ever take away from you. Freedom. The reel freedom to live your truth. A free life. She could charge millions for that.”

Michela Crameri


We summon Magical and Sacred Women at different stages of their spiritual journey to connect with each other and explore our inner Feminine Magic, so that we can tap into our intuition and trust our path

Alpha man, Sigma man, Omega man, Beta man, Epsilon man.


Who fking cares??!



Give me the men who know their shadows, learned how to dance with them, and can stand their ground. Give me the men who know how to live life from their heads, hearts, AND balls. Give me the men who are entirely devoted to the women in their lives because they know how to show up for their inner feminine.


Many men have lost connection with their masculinity completely.

And I literally mean THEIR masculinity.

We have subscribed to a particular way that doesn’t feel authentic.

We have taken on the role of the nice guy to avoid conflict or the stoic man to create a safety that isn’t real or trustworthy.


In The Mystery School, we are going to let go of the confined, restricted ideas around performative masculinity and explore what makes YOU feel like a man.

When a man combines his head, heart, and balls, he becomes an unstoppable power. This means making decisions with both logic and emotion, while also having the courage and confidence to take bold actions. It’s a balance of intelligence, empathy, and bravery.

When a man is able to tap into all of these three aspects of himself, he is able to navigate the world with grace, (com)passion, and determination. It takes courage to lead with your heart and convictions to go against the grain, but those who do often find themselves achieving greatness and living a fulfilling life.

It’s time to reconnect to our personal masculine core again, get in touch with our essence, and start to live boldly from that sacred place within. And there is not only one way to get there. The journey will look different for each and every man.

Let me ask you something:

– Are you done disguising yourself to fit in?

– With subscribing to a particular way, instead of living from YOUR masculine core?

– Do you feel stuck in your role as father, husband, son, friend?

– Do you want to find YOUR unique expression of how to be a man in today’s world?

– Are you ready to learn how to really dance with your shadows?

– To devote yourself to the feminine in your life and explore how to best support her?

– Are you willing and committed to showing up as a potent calibration of head, heart, and balls?

– To create strong and deep heart-to-heart connections with other like-minded brothers?

– To open up and expose yourself in a safe container?

– And to explore your spirituality and find your unique medicine as a magical man?

The magical man seemed to emanate an aura of mystical energy, and his eyes glinted with an enigmatic brightness. He moved with graceful fluidity and firm goal orientation, his every gesture saturated with an otherworldly precision. Some said his power came from his connection to the arcane, while others whispered that he was touched by the divine. Regardless of where his power came from, there was no denying that the magical man was a force to be reckoned with. With his magic, he could bend reality and reshape the very fabric of the world.

Being a man is not only defined by biological or societal norms anymore. It is about accepting oneself and having the courage to be vulnerable. A man stands up for what is right, takes responsibility for his actions, and treats others with respect and empathy. He is strong, both physically and mentally, but is also willing to ask for help and support when needed. Being a man means valuing honesty, integrity, and kindness and using these qualities to make a positive impact on the world around us.


Does this sounds like a plan?

 We gather Bravehearted Men to learn from each other’s experiences, share wisdom, support one another – so that we can form a powerful brotherhood and make a positive impact in the world and leave a legacy we’re proud of.

“I am forever grateful to bas!”

“To my fellow warriors and our fearless guide. What a gift this is not only to us, but the worlds we travel in! Bringing that loving, big ball energy!! Wild & Free 🦅

I was journeying to reclaim and heal the masculine within myself when I came across Bas and his work. Even though I had plenty of hesitations about spending money and time on myself and committing to something “disruptive,” I am so glad I released those ‘protectors’ and dove in – head/heart/balls first.  My experience in this skillfully crafted, humble container was a deeper self-embodiment facilitated by exquisitely curated material–born not solely from books and training but from Bas’ personal journey of healing the masculine/feminine. (Men who have done their own work are trustworthy.) I am forever grateful to have given my energy and space to Bas and a cohort of intrepid men. Together, we re-membered and have begun integrating the holy triad of masculinity: head/heart/balls. Together, we awakened and transformed.  I bow to your skill and experience, Bas. And I honor the men who opened themselves up so the wisdom of the collective could be received and felt. What a gift to have this community to walk forward with.”
Austin Morrison


“I cannot recommend working with Bas enough!”

“I am so grateful to have had the ability work with Bas also within his VIP package.

I’ve struggled my entire life with how to figure out my masculine expression and to feel safe with male friends.

This group was an amazing place to do the work of deconstructing toxic patterns and building up my confidence to express my masculinity in a connected and healthy way, under the powerful guidance of Bas.

I know the tools I have now are going to be a great support for the rest of my life and I look forward to deepening the bonds of brotherhood with my fellow participants beyond the container.

The 1:1 support in the VIP was very supportive. Bas has a beautiful ability to create a safe space to express and heal.

I cannot recommend working with him enough. If you are ready to face yourself and heal in a healthy masculine container, this is a great place for it.

Thanks Bas for being who you are and bringing this beautiful gift to the world.”

Brian Hodder


What Is Included – How Does It Work?

The Women meet twice per month with Priska to either sit in temple (Ceremonies, Teachings, Journeys…) or to meet in The women’s Circle to ask Questions and exchange.

The Men meet twice per month with Bas to dive deep into the men’s work with different tools and Journeys.

Every 3 months, both groups meet for the Sacred “Wedding” for exchange and to learn from each other. Men get a chance to let women know what is truly important to them and vice versa.

The Gates to The Hieros Gamos Mystery School open every 6 moons. That’s the chance for new Students of Life to enter and others to leave.

What Is Included?:




☀️ 1 Teaching/ Journey per Month on Thursdays, 7pm CEST/CET

☀️ 1 Exchange Call per Month on Thursdays, 7pm CEST/CET

☀️ Safe and Closed Facebook Group for exchange and homework

☀️ Library of all Recordings (access to the masculine & feminine teachings – the circles will not be shared with the other gender)

☀️ 10% off of all the offerings in The Shop Of Love Alchemy


🌑 3 Sacred Union Calls per 3 moons on on Wednesdays, 7pm CEST/CET

🌑 Celebrations of all Holy Days of the Wheel of the Year (8 in a Year)

🌑 Safe and Closed Facebook Group for exchange & connection

🌑 Library of all Recordings


🌑 10% off of all the offerings in The Shop Of Love Alchemy

🌕 1 Temple per Moon on Wednesdays, 7pm CEST/CET

🌕 1 Sister Circle per Moon on Wednesdays, 7pm CEST/CET

🌕 Safe and Closed Facebook Group for exchange and play

🌕 Library of all Recordings (access to the masculine & feminine teachings – the circles will not be shared with the other gender)

🌕 10% off of all the offerings in The Shop Of Love Alchemy


☀️ 1 Teaching/ Journey per Month on Thursdays, 7pm CEST/CET

☀️ 1 Exchange Call per Month on Thursdays, 7pm CEST/CET

☀️ Safe and Closed Facebook Group for exchange and homework

☀️ Library of all Recordings (access to the masculine & feminine teachings – the circles will not be shared with the other gender)

☀️ 10% off of all the offerings in The Shop Of Love Alchemy


🌕 1 Temple per Moon on Wednesdays, 7pm CEST/CET

🌕 1 Sister Circle per Moon on Wednesdays, 7pm CEST/CET

🌕 Safe and Closed Facebook Group for exchange and play

🌕 Library of all Recordings (access to the masculine & feminine teachings – the circles will not be shared with the other gender)

🌕 10% off of all the offerings in The Shop Of Love Alchemy


🌑 3 Sacred Union Calls per Moon on on Wednesdays, 7pm CEST/CET

🌑 Celebrations of all Holy Days of the Wheel of the Year (8 in a Year)

🌑 Safe and Closed Facebook Group for exchange & connection

🌑 Library of all Recordings

🌑 10% off of all the offerings in The Shop Of Love Alchemy.


Early Bird:

€55 per month or €303 for 6 Months 

The Hieros Gamos Mystery School is an ongoing “Membership”.  If you decide to keep on learning and getting all the benefits, you get to “Lock in” the €55/Month, even if the prices might go up for new students!

You get to cancel your subscription every 6 months.





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LOCK IN YOUR Half-Annual Rate




 (safe over half a month)

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the inner Circle
with Private Mentoring & So much more




5 spots Only

Scroll on to get all the info about the Inner Circle and its VIP Experience

The Inner Circle is designed for the BraveHearts, the Alchemists, The ones ready to dive deep.

If you want to go all-in, committed for a big Transformation and brave enough to alchemize everything standing in the way of your
true Soul’s calling –

the Inner Circle is made for you!

What is included in the Inner Circle?

⚜️ Monthly mentoring session with Bas and/or Priska (6 sessions)

{worth €3000}

⚜️ Personal WhatsApp Support for 6 moons

{worth €3000}

⚜️ Monthly Cellular Healing Session (6 personal healings with feedback/ insights, long distance)

{worth €2664}

⚜️ 2 Personal Messages from your Guides

{worth €444}

⚜️ Shamanic Journey to find your Totem (Animal-You) and to gain access to new resources within you (online group setting)

{worth €555}

⚜️ Access to 1 Program of Your Choice
(Awaken Your Inner Hero/Shero | Love By Design | Vortex Of Love)

{worth €444}

⚜️ 6 months within The Hieros Gamos Mystery School

{worth €528}

Everything will be designed and adapted to your individual needs.The Inner Circle has a worth of all in all € 10’635-

but you can get it now for the incredible price of €5999.







For Joining  The Inner Circle With Private Support please Contact:

Or write an Email to us{at}


have the support on Your Journey into the Mystery just a message away!

“Their Coaching Skills Are So Rare!”

Bas and Priska facilitated a breakthrough for me! In one of the most difficult times of my life, where I needed to find change and see the light of hope again, they worked with me and shared with me these AMAZING insights into how I needed to work, communicate (to the world and most importantly to myself), how I was hard-wired and how to leverage that to forge ahead.

The love and trust that they both bring at the core of their coaching are not only refreshing but rare! And I have done a LOT of coaching and programs in my lifetime.
To truly understand oneself and to learn to forgive is a gift in itself.
I can not thank Bas or Priska enough for crossing into my world at just the right time (clearly facilitated by the universe’s timing and not of my own,*another hard lesson I am learning, lol) and for allowing me the opportunity to work with them.
I will be forever grateful for the wisdom they shared with me and the coaching I received.
You both are truly a gift to this world!
Sam Johnson


“Working Privately With Priska And Bas was

the best decision for us!”

We share a very tumultuous and intense love story.

Things weren’t that easy for us initially, and we had to overcome many obstacles together. We felt that we desired support to get through those stormy waters, and that’s when we decided to work with Bas and Priska. Their support really helped us get smoother out on the other side, and we even got to celebrate our engagement together with them.

Stephanie and Brian Smith Rosario


Dates for the Women

Live Online Temples:

Wednesday, 13th of September 2023, 7pm CEST

Wednesday, 11th of October 2023, 7pm CEST

Wednesday,  8th of November 2023, 7pm CET

Wednesday, 6th of December 2023, 7pm CET

Wednesday, 3rd of January 2024, 7pm CET

Wednesday, 31st of January, 2024, 7pm CET

Wednesday, 28th of February, 2024, 7pm CET

… and so on bi-weekly

Live Online Circles:

Wednesday, 27th of September 2023, 7pm CET

Wednesday, 25th of October 2023, 7pm CEST

Wednesday, 22nd of November 2023, 7pm CET

Wednesday, 20th of December, 2023, 7pm CET

Wednesday, 17th of January, 2024, 7pm CET

Wednesday, 14th of February, 2024, 7pm CET

… and so on bi-weekly

Changes always possible, Replays available

Dates for the Men

Live Online Teachings:

Thursday, 14th of September 2023, 7pm CEST

Thursday, 12th of October 2023, 7pm CEST

Thursday, 9th of November 2023, 7pm CET

Thursday, 7th of December 2023, 7pm CET

Thursday, 4th of January 2024, 7pm CET

Thursday, 1st of February, 2024, 7pm CET

Thursday, 29th of February, 2024, 7pm CET

… and so on bi-weekly

Live Online Gatherings:

Thursday, 28th of September 2023, 7pm CET

Thursday, 26th of October 2023, 7pm CEST

Thursday, 23rd of November 2023, 7pm CET

Thursday, 21st of December, 2023, 7pm CET

Thursday, 18th of January, 2024, 7pm CET

Thursday, 15th of February, 2024, 7pm CET

… and so on bi-weekly

Changes always possible, Replays available

Dates for Union

Live Online Hieros Gamos Temples:

Wednesday, 6th of September 2023, 7pm CEST

Wednesday 13th of December 2023, 7pm CET

Wednesday,  6th of March 2024, 7pm CET

Wednesday,  6th of March 2024, 7pm CET

Wednesday,  12th of June 2024, 7pm CEST

Wednesday,  4th of August 2024, 7pm CET

… and so on

Changes always possible, Replays available

Dates for High HolyDays

Live Online Temples:

Mabon/ Fall Equinox: Saturday, 23rd of September, 7pm CEST

Samhain: Tuesday, 31st of October 2023, 7pm CET

Yule / Winter Equinox: Friday, 22nd of December 2023, 7pm CET

Imbolc: Friday, 2nd of February 2024, 7pm CET

Ostara/ Spring Equinox: 21st of March 2024, 7pm CET

Beltane: Wednesday, 1st of May, 2024, 7pm CEST

Litha/ Midsummer: Wednesday, 21st of June, 2024, 7pm CEST

Lammas/ Lughnasadh: Friday, 2nd of August, 2024, 7pm CEST

… and so on

Changes always possible, Replays available

Our Intentions and Wishes We hold for you on this Journey:

–  More Connection to Yourself and the Divine

– Self-Knowledge


– Healing the Wound between the Masculine and Feminine

– Restoring the Trust in the own and other Gender

– Connection to your Calling

– Connection to other Sisters and Brothers

– More Magic in your Life

– More Aliveness

– More Joy

– More inner Peace

– More Trust in Yourself and your Path

And much more!

Meet Your Guides:

Dedicated Lover, Soul-Initiator for
The Sacred Feminine, Mentor, Priestess

Priska is a women’s mentor, a priestess, a love and relationship coach, Human Design and Gene Keys reader, actress, author, teacher, reiki master, professional dreamer, and heart follower.

She writes Love, Truth, and Freedom in capital letters. Because that is what she wholeheartedly stands for and believes in. 

One of her greatest gifts is to make people feel seen, valued, and that they belong.

Priska has always been fascinated by emotions and stories. She is a hardcore lover of myths and legends, archetypes, and magic and can bring the wisdom of these stories into daily life.

Priska has an innate sense of beauty, harmony, and compassion, a deep understanding of people and their needs. When it comes down to communication, she can often easily read between the lines. She feels her responsibility to step up, break away from the status quo and inspire those around her.

The native Swiss woman lives with her husband, her two step-kids and their former street dogs in the Netherlands.

Priska loves LOVE, dark chocolate, a good glass of wine, deep conversations, learning new things about healing modalities, crafts, and herbs, and has a slight obsession with series like Outlander and Vikings.

Therefore she dreams of living somewhere in the North when the time is right.


Dedicated Lover, Coach, Mentor, Father



Bas is a love, intimacy, sexuality, relationship and men’s mentor, Human Design and Gene Keys reader, author, and (shamanic) healer.

The father of two is the epitome of a life-loving huMAN, who is happiest when connecting deeply with mother nature and embracing all her secrets. He is familiar with both light and shadow work.

Bas is an extraordinarily creative and natural-born leader who inspires people wherever he goes by just living, breathing, and speaking his truth with a wide open heart.

His ability to see people in their true nature is one of his greatest gifts.

He looks behind the veil and is never afraid to name his discoveries.

His big loving heart and ability to love abundantly and let everyone feel safe in his presence give his clients the ability to fully open up and show themselves – even when tough love is involved.

As a sucker for old stories and mythologies, he knows how to connect ancient wisdom with the present times and dances between the worlds like no one else.

The Dutch man lives with his family in the Netherlands and dreams the dream of living close to nature, preferably somewhere in Scotland or Ireland.

“Deep work was never that entertaining!”

“Working with Bas and Priska was so much fun. Aside from having loads of giggles and them helping me get out of my own way, what I found the most valuable (there were many!!) was to have the ‘couples’’ perspective on relationships, business, and having it all. Our journey together and having them only a message away for backup helped immensely as I navigated the new horizons of vulnerability within and outside of myself. 
Having done a lot of personal development work already, I found this the missing piece to stepping up and living an abundant life. Important things are truly not mutually exclusive!”

Thank you Bas and Priska!”



Some Words From Our Hearts To Yours:

If you have been reading till here, I think it is safe to say that your Soul is asking you for some change in your life.

No matter if it will be this Mystery School, or something else – please take this calling serious. So many people are losing their spark of life, because they find all the reasons to ignore their Soul’s Desires.

 In a world filled with distractions, stress, artificial intelligence – we need to find our way back home to our roots within.

The connection to our inner essence becomes more and more important – and at the same time challenging. The good news is, you have all the power within your hands.

Choose wisely what you are feeding your mind and heart with, and what kind of legacy you want to leave for your kids. Braveheart, we know that you are destined for the great things in life – and we cannot wait to see you within the Temple Gates of The Hieros Gamos Mystery School.

We love you so much,

Bas and Priska.


Your Questions

Q: Are there refunds?

There are no refunds. If you desire more information about the Mystery School to find out if it’s the right fit, please contact our team at

Q: Is everything happening online?

Yes! At the moment, there are no “real-life” elements part of The Mystery School – but we would love to create a Hieros Gamos live Retreat one day here in Europe in the future. 

Q: Is everything happening live and will there be replays?

Yes and yes 🙂

Q: How long will I have access to the replays?

As long as you are part of the Mystery School, you will have access to all replays and materials

Q: Do I need to have a certain belief to join The Hieros Gamos Mystery School?

The Hieros Gamos Mystery School isn’t bound to any kind of religion. We do believe in energy, love and its power. We do talk about the Goddess and God, sometimes other deities and we are mostly influenced by (Gnostic) Christianity, as this is the religion we grew up with – but if you are using a different terminology and can live with ours, then you are still welcome in The Hieros Gamos Mystery School. To be sure you can always send an email to

Q: Can I also join for just a month?

No! When you decide to join The Hieros Gamos Mystery School, you have to commit at least for 6 months. It takes some time to settle in and to truly get a feel of what this work is about. 

Q: I am worried that I don't have time for all of this...

This is exactly why it is so important for you to join This Mystery School. We understand that we all have very busy lives and that we have been brainwashed into feeling bad if we are doing something just for ourselves. We ask you to look beyond that and put yourself and your soul first for once. We need some change in order to become the person we know lives inside of us and to live up to our full potential. We are going to show you how you can create more time for yourself by cutting out the noise that keeps you busy but doesn’t bring you any further.

Q: What happens after these 6 months?

If you like The Hieros Gamos Mystery School, you don’t need to do anything. You will keep on going until you decide to quit, which is possible every 6 months.

Great to know: If you join now and stay, you get to “lock” in the price for the upcoming turns.

Q: How often do you open the Gates to the Mystery School?

The Gates open every six months. This is the time for new students to embark and others to leave.

Q: Do you offer payment plans for the Inner Circle?

We do. Contact us via or pm us on Instagram or Facebook for more information.

Q: What does Hieros Gamos mean?

Hieros Gamos is a Greek term that translates to “sacred marriage” or “holy union.” In mythology, it refers to the union of a god and goddess, symbolizing the sacred balance of masculine and feminine energies, as within so without. In spirituality, it represents the union of the divine and the mortal, or the merging of the conscious and unconscious aspects of oneself. The concept of Hieros Gamos has been present in various religions and spiritual practices throughout history, and is often associated with themes of creation, fertility, and transformation.

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