Sex. Porn. LoveMaking. Hieros Gamos. Connection. OneNess. Lust. Love. Sacredness. Creation.
Sexuality can be so much and all together. A topic that is so often discussed.

In today’s video, we’re sharing our view on Sacred Sexuality.

We both have been attracted by it. Turned on by it. On all kinda levels.
And since we found each other, our sex life has been lifted to a whole new level!

Sexuality is a BIG topic that we will also spend a whole month talking about in The LoveRelationShit Academy – which closed its doors two weeks ago.

We both are thrilled to have gathered such a beautiful tribe of like-minded people, and the energy in the group is expanding, loving and vibrant.

If you are part of our Academy, please know how grateful we are to have you in our tribe and how enriching it is for us, to serve you on this kinda level.

We decided to re-open the doors to the Academy only at the end of June.

So please let us know if you want to get on the waiting list, and we will inform you first when the doors are open.

And now – as always – we would LOVE to hear from you.

Please hop over to YouTube or Facebook and leave us your comment on today’s topic of Sacred Sexuality, of Sexuality in general.

Let’s open the discussion.

With all our Love,
Bas and Priska