I guess that at first sight, I don’t come across like the girliest woman alive. Yes, I like make-up, I also own a small selection of fabulous high heels, but well – mostly I walk around in my biker boots, and my hair is pretty much always quite messy.

I’m not into pink or glitter, and I’m the owner of a single handbag that fits pretty much all my needs. I am not a princess. Never aspired to be one, as the warrioresses always seemed much more my kinda posse.

But when you know me a tiny bit better, then you are more than aware, that I have pretty much seen every romantic movie that has ever been produced and have listened to even more soundtracks, born out of this genre.

I am a romantic to the bones.

I love Love. I love stories. I love to dream. I love to create magic. I love to loosen up this reality, and I love to get lost in the web of beautiful emotions and endless possibilities.

And today I want to tell you a bit more about WHY I think that romance is crucial for a happy, magical and fulfilled relationship and life.

Well, when I talk about the necessities of romance, I’m not talking about films with Leonardo DiCaprio or Lady Gaga (even if I still love to watch most of them and think that they are masterpieces).
I’m also NOT talking about fuzzy feelings, and pink, naïve pre-teenage-girl-ideas about how a love relationship looks like, nor about tacky nicknames or red-rosed knee falls.

What I want to talk about is the power of magic in the realm of romance.

An immense source of energy that we mostly are not aware of and we shove down to be reasonable, down-to-earth and independent.
Somewhen on the way, people tell you that we have to wake up. That we have to stop dwelling in the dream-world and access the real-world-reality.

Instead of finding the balance between these realms and open the gates to some powerful alchemy, we shut them entirely down and declare them to be utterly useless and a distraction.

But this realm of dreams is real.

It’s the place where we are entirely free. Where we can live up to our most significant potential and where we can love in a depth that we cannot experience in this „real world realm“ even if we give our all.
The intense of Love in this realm of magic and romance is bottomless.

When I dance between the realms when being with Bas, it sometimes almost rips my chest apart and burns through my nervous system, as the Love I feel is way to big for my body to contain.
It feels almost painful to experience this amount of overflowing feelings. But when I then can soften into it and just being carried by this powerful creation – this is when I am living heaven on earth.

It’s the most beautiful feeling that I have ever experienced in this life so far.
Connecting the worlds in this vessel of my being.

So in short:
Romance is a realm.
A place, existing as a parallel reality, where miracles are alive.
Where everything is possible, and no boundaries exist.

It’s a place, where dreams come true, where the long-lost Lover finds his way back home and where „happily ever after“ is not the ending of a fairytale, but a never-ending Truth.

It’s a state of mind.
A decision.
A shift of the inner perspective and the focus, to create my life.

This is the part that nurtures me most. It’s the part that makes me go for my dreams in this world. It’s the part who believes in miracles and therefore meets and creates and receives them over and over and over again.

It’s all about the balance.

I need my human roots on mother earth – and I need my wings in the realm of romance.

It’s the realm that makes me a visionary. That gives me strength and the power to show up even more as the woman I am and to manifest abundance and happiness and fulfillment into my life.

And whenever the gate of romance opens, I let my dreams be the wind beneath my wings and I fly to the place where everything is possible.

And sometimes, Bas and I take each other by the hand, and we fly together.
This is where the sanctity of our Love has been born.
As we both were willing to use our wings and to become more of who we already are.


Written by: Priska Baumann
Image by: Remyi Yuan (via unsplash.com)