Already a couple of months ago, Bas took my agenda and blocked the 6 till 9 of December. And if you know me, my friends, I cannot handle surprises so well. My whole being JUST WANTS TO KNOW!
I honestly believe, when God gave away “curiosity”, I must have raised twice my hand to get the double amount of it.

One beautiful Sunday morning, we were both still laying in bed and starting into the day with one of our frequent morning-talks, he dropped some hints. And if I would have been a bit more attentive, I probably could have even found out… Well, partially I have.

So we took along our camera, and I randomly filmed parts of our magical days from this surprise – and unknowingly almost filmed the highlight of our journey.

I still can’t believe that he did all this for me… and I think on a ranking, I could probably the happiest woman alive. {Quite sure I am, actually! 💃}

With a beating heart and a glowing face,