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As you have already learned from the quiz, you have the capacity to love deeply, and you are willing to risk it all for love – but somehow, things feel a bit stagnant and uninspired lately.

Whether in a relationship or still looking for The One, your (love) life feels anything but up to par. There is still this deep soul craving.

This might be because you are not yet wholly connected to your inner Shero, who keeps calling your name.

Do you recognize those whispers of change in the night? Do you remember the voice of your soul’s calling?

This feeling that you are born for greatness but don’t know where to start?

After more than ten years in the women’s empowerment coaching industry and hundreds of hours of working in programs, courses, coachings, masterclasses, trainings, and retreats with women, we have precisely the right thing for you.

Here are our suggestions for you:

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Step into a new level of radiance.
Stop the war with your body, find peace within this beautiful vessel of yours and become more confident in your love-life (and bedroom.)

Do you want to wake up every morning feeling at ease and sexy within your body, no matter what size you are wearing at the moment?

Do you want to TRULY accept and love your looks without having to fit in specific jeans or beauty standards?

Get the BODY IN LOVE masterclass and reclaim your body’s sovereignty!

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We will take you on a journey of sovereignty, back to the safe place where you can fully embody the art of choosing your f*cks wisely and protecting your energy.

We are going to show you how to revise your value system and recreate a place where you can set clear and sacred boundaries, and state your unf*ckwithable “no’s,”  so that no one will overstep your emotional and energetic barriers anymore.


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Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and kiss your wild and limitless self awake?


Tap into the energy of your inner Shero and transform your life.

Our relationship can only be as powerful as the relationship we’ve built with ourselves. So wait no longer, awaken your inner Shero, and become the woman you know lives inside of you.


Or if you are in for a real deep dive:

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Kiss your true essence alive and embody your inner Shero unapologetically!

Join this magical journey to free the woman you truly are and become unstoppable in your (love) life.

– reclaim the power over your life
– awaken your inner Shero
– find your inner stability
– create the reality you desire and deserve
– fall deeply and madly in love with yourself


6 recorded teachings PLUS two powerful bonus teachings (about Human Design And The Gene Keys) with two experienced and dedicated coaches that will guide you on this unique adventure of your life!

Meditations, written materials, and exercises to support your journey

Are you ready to free your inner Shero and celebrate life and its miracles?

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“These two are hands down the best of the best!”

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Priska and Bas

These two are complete love, dedicated to the unfoldment of greater truth in connection, and truly have the care to cut through the shi* and get to the bottom of relationship miracles. 

They truly make a difference. For anyone needing help with relationship support, look no further. These two are hands down the best of the best!

Gina Nicole Ballard

Feng Shui Practitioner and Certified Intuitive Councellor