Real Deal – From Solo To SoulMate

– The 11 Week Adventure For Single Women

(who are ready to attract fulfilling, soul-stirring Love)


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Clean out the closet of old, non-serving belief-patterns and become the magnet to attract the Love that you have always been dreaming of.

Do this WITHOUT manipulating your potential partner, nor playing games or tricks to get and/or keep them.

Become the woman you actually are and things will naturally fall into place.

Let us ask you some questions:


🌙 Are you a woman who has already been in a few relationships, always filled from head to toes with big hopes and dreams, only to find yourself, after a couple of months or years, in front of the same old shattered pieces of Love?

🌙 Or are you always falling in Love with the same “wrong” people, that can’t truly commit to you?

🌙 Have you convinced yourself to be truly happy as a single, even though your soul secretly still craves for the relationship that you have been dreaming of?

🌙 Have you been traveling the globe to find your big true Love, but it seems that this person is still hiding under the biggest rock in Timbuktu?

🌙 Are you maybe also fed up and tired from all the patterns that you’re repeating?

🌙 Are you craving for being fully met by a partner emotionally, energetically, sexually, spiritually deep down?

🌙 Or do you think that your future partner is somehow connected to your soul’s mission?

🌙 Are you perhaps dreaming about starting a family and feeling the inner clock ticking?


When you can answer one or more question with a deep, soulful YES, than you should keep reading on.

We’re fed up with seeing you struggling and searching because we know that you deserve big, epic Love.

You deserve someone who is not only sexy and beautiful, conscious and a great match, but also somebody who wants to fully commit to you and wholeheartedly shows up for you and your relationship.

This is why we have created the „Real Deal – From Solo To SoulMate – Transformation Program.

You will gain all the power, self-confidence, clarity and manifesting-power to attract your beloved – all in a safe space of sisterhood.

The Story Behind “The Real Deal”


The whole past year we have been working on this 11 week-long program for you.

On our journey, we have met so many incredibly talented and inside-out beautiful women, who are rocking their lives – and still, there is this big longing that no success in this world can satisfy.

The longing for “THE big Love”. 

As I, Priska, have been single for a very long time, I’m more than aware of how devastating this missing can become and how empty some evenings can be.

This feeling of coming home after a long day at work and nobody is there to open the door, to welcome you and to share your day with.

Or when something stirred up your soul and all you wish for are two steady, loving arms to hold and comfort you.

It often made me sad, even though my life, in general, was actually quite fabulous.

I also know the heartbreak of getting rejected over and over again and remember how frustrating dating life can be.

I was so extremely fed up I with the male population, even if I was SO sure that somewhere out there would be the man that would love me the way my heart knew was possible.


And Life proved me right.


Being now in the happiest relationship, I sat down and went deep into the practices and tools I used in order for me to get to the point where I was ready to invite my Beloved into my life.

I’m very sure that there happened an energetic shift, as Bas showed up precisely after a ritual to break through limiting beliefs.
I declared very powerfully that I was ready to be with the man I already felt very clearly in my energy field.

Of course, this all happened after a lot of deep work, clearing out old patterns and energies and activating new codes in me.

We believe that every person on this planet is worthy of an amazing, soulful and conscious Love relationship, worthy of coming home in Love. A partnership that fulfills and nourishes you on every level. A connection that makes you feel loved abundantly, where you feel seen and elevated. 

That’s why we are here to help you building these extraordinary, strong and loving connections, by offering you our knowledge and expertise on Love and relationship matters. And no, there is no rocksteady formula how to attract the right partner, but there are tips and tricks that will enhance your magnetism in ways that might have never crossed your mind.

This is for me! I want to apply for one of the few spots:

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We can’t wait to get to know you in a {free} call!

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The Doors Are Closing In:








“Life is too short not to love with a wide open heart.”

∆°   We’re not going to tell you what to text back when you’re on a date.

∆°   We’re also not going to tell you what to wear or how to behave.


In these 11 weeks, we are going to do much much more than teaching you about strategies and how to play shallow games:

🌟 You are going to dive deep into your past and get acquainted with the blockages that are holding you back from attracting the Love that you deserve.

🌟 You are going to dream big and loud and, by using rituals and manifestation techniques, call a big and beautiful relationship in.


Can we give you a guarantee that you will be in a happy relationship after these almost 3 months?

NO! We can’t! And we won’t.

Can we give you a guarantee that you will grow and expand, know yourself better, get clarity about what you want and need and therefore stand up for it and learn to manifest like the Queen that you are?

YES! This will happen for sure when you are doing the work and are diving right into this adventure.

What Do I Get?

Very Small VIP Group 

This group will be a very small group of 10 ladies max. During this 11 weeks you have the possibility to get a lot of direct contact with Priska and Bas and to look into your personal situation.

Every week (- except for the integration weeks) we’re going to meet via Zoom for a private meeting with the whole group to share info, do rituals or answer your questions.

Weekly Topics With Deepening Material

Every week (- except for the integration weeks) you’re going to explore the specific topics in a very practical and deep way, by using an audio plus a play-sheet.

You will get clarity about how you can take new ways out of the old, non-serving highway of your thinking patterns.

It’s time or an inner revolution.

Secret Facebook Group

During the whole 11 weeks you’re getting a private and secret Facebook group where you can get support from us and the other sisters.

This is where also most of our conversations will happen.

We won’t close this group after this 11 weeks, so that you can continue creating magic, support each other and celebrate your break-throughs.

Never underestimate the power of community!

The male and the female perspective

Not only will you have two excellent coaches at your hand, who have been working for years with men and women and who both have totally different backgrounds of relationship history.

While Priska has been in only one different (on-off) relationship and has been most of the time single, Bas has been in several different relationships and has also been married.

You will also get the perspective from both our sides: The female and the masculine corners which will support you in many various ways.

Custom-Made Challenges

Would you need some more exercises or deepening material during this program? Let us know and we will support you with additional challenges that will help you stepping into your power (of Love).

During all the years of coaching experience, we have quite some tools at hand that will bring you to the next level.

Transformation In All Your Life Areas

Yes, our focus will be on your LoveLife – but believe, that when you’re going to optimize one part in your life, the whole system will chain-react to it.

So don’t be surprised, if all of a sudden the relationship with your friends and family improves, your financial situation changes, you’re all of a sudden getting a promotion at your job, and you feel sexier and healthier in your body.

Miracles attract more miracles. We have been witnessing this over and over and over again in many years of working with people.


Next to us, you will have other women to rise and grow with. Never ever underestimate the power of true sisterhood. We have seen so many incredible miracles happening from this kind of community.

A dreamer alone is powerful. When many dream a dream together – they become invincible.

Integration Weeks


We are aware that our work together will be very intense. Therefore we decided to ad three integration weeks, so that you can digest all the processes, give your heart, mind and soul a break and just be with your beautiful self to integrate it all.

Of course you can still post in the Facebook group during these weeks and write us personally.


8 GroupCalls Plus a KickOff Meeting

Every week (- except for the integration weeks) we will meet via Zoom to share some additional content, give you challenges, answer your questions and do some ritual work.

These meetings will be our bonfires, where we come together to connect and share.

They will take place on Sunday evenings at 7.15 pm CET or CEST (Amsterdam, Berlin, Zürich) and will be always recorded for the ones who can’t be there live.

Work From The Safe Space Of Your Home + 24/7 Access

No matter if you’re traveling or having a busy schedule. This program will save you a lot of time, as you can work and play from wherever you are. You don’t have to leave the safe space of your home to go through that transformation.

Next to that you have access to all the materials all around the clock. 


Unlimited Email Contact


We appreciate it highly when people dare to post their challenges in the Facebook group, as everyone can always learn from other people’s growth, but if there’s something you want to share only with us, please don’t hesitate to write us an email… anytime.

We’re here for you!

EXCLUSIVE 1:1 Coaching Session with Bas and Priska


Get a personal deepening session together with Bas and Priska to elaborate your very personal situation. This session can take 60 to 90 minutes and will bring much clarity.

The 11 weeks and their topics:

Week 1: Your Journey

This week is all about setting clear intentions for this course. We dive into self-worth and are exploring what a relationship even means to YOU!

Week 2: Status Q(you)

This week is all about YOU. Where you’re standing now, what you want, your imprints and beliefs. It’s going to be VERY intense and interesting.

Week 3 – Integration Week

This week is for integration. No new content will be released, no call will take place. It’s all about self-love and letting the movement sink in.

Week 4 – Dreaming Out Loud

This week is all about your relationship with manifesting and power. This is going to be an interesting one…

Week 5 – Gender Dynamics

Let’s dive into the game of sex(es) and your relationship with the gender(s).

Week 6 – Integration Week

This week is for integration. No new content will be released, no call will take place. It’s all about self-love and letting the movement sink in.

Week 7 – The Anxious-Avoidant Trap

Get to know your attachment style and your relationship with intimacy – and how you can work with it.

Week 9 – Integration Week

This week is for integration. No new content will be released, no call will take place. It’s all about self-love and letting the movement sink in.

Week 8 – Needs & Expectations

Get to know your needs and expectations and the difference between them. Explore how this can fundamentally change a relationship.

Week 10 – The Dating Guide

“Dating rules”, why you can throw them overboard and what will REALLY help.

Week 11 – Flying Off

Let’s get this party started 💃

+ Bonuses, like “How To Be Feminine” and more…

This program is for you, if:


🌙 You’re ready to take full responsibility for your dating life and dig into the real work to unlock the key to true Love for yourself.

🌙 You’re ready to win in Love by healing the mindset, blockages, and patterns that are keeping you from your beloved.

🌙 You’re ready to shift your behaviour and how you treat potential partners, so you can attract a soul-stirring Love you can really connect with.

🌙 You know the Universe is aching to send you epic Love, and you’re ready to do whatever you need to do in order to receive that, without losing your empowerment, independence, and wholeness.

🌙 You’re ready to become more of yourself and unlock the epic lover inside who can receive true Love, as well as give it, at any stage of your personal development (because love doesn’t wait for perfection).

🌙 You’re ready to take a leap of faith and trust that your ultimate partner ACTUALLY EXISTS and is looking and ready to find you, even if you’re afraid or worry this might be impossible.

🌙 You’re sick and tired of trying to love yourself into a partner, only to end up pampered, outwardly confident, successful, and alone.

🌙 You’re sick of hearing that you need to love yourself first and need to be totally happy on your own, and you’re just one of those people who needs a partner – because you don’t want to be a woman who has to budget for professional cuddles.

This is for me! I want to apply for one of the few spots:

Please send your application to: 

We can’t wait to get to know you!

THE REAL DEAL is NOT for you if:


❌ You’re making excuses, blaming others, and findings 101 reasons why you can’t or don’t want love right now (or why it’s gone wrong in the past).

❌ You’re not ready to invest your heart, soul, being, time, and money into attracting epic Love, because epic results require epic commitment to shifting your life (AKA: you can’t get something new doing all of the same old things with the same old thoughts).

❌ You are completely confident being alone and don’t want to let a partner in. You have to be willing and receptive to attract epic love.

❌ You believe it’s impossible for you to find Love.

❌ You think your life is perfect and you don’t want to “mess with it” because you think Love will come in and wreck what you’ve built.

❌ You already know all the secrets to life and Love and aren’t open to receiving guidance.

❌ You’re more dedicated to a toxic or unhealthy twin flame relationship than building an epic Love that brings limitless abundance, passion, and joy to your life.

❌ You want to manipulate or play dating games to attract a mate.

Please send your application to and let us know, why you want to be part of this exclusive program and we are going to invite you on a free call.

Next Start: Will Be Announced SOON – Get on the waiting list NOW and send your application to

When you’re booking this time around, you get all these extra bonuses for absolutely {FREE} 🎁 :

The Bare Necessities Course

In this course, you learn the basics of a healthy relationship including 12 videos, theories, and exercises.

Learn how to lead a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

Topics that we’re covering: Sacred Sexuality, Jealousy, The Male and Female Wound, The Archetypes and many, many more.

A Journey Into A Man’s Mind Series

Priska has collected questions from women all around the world, that Bas is answering honestly and with all respect in these 6 episodes

Get answers to questions like:

Do men really want to do the pursuing of women?

“How do men decide if a woman is relationship material?”

“Are there men that don’t watch porn?”

And many, many more…

Doors Are Closing In:








What clients have to say:


These three ladies have visited one of our “real-life” workshops in Switzerland:

This is what some women from our LoveRelationShit Academy had to say:


I had the pleasure to come across the LoveRelationShit work already back in 2016 during a difficult time with my partner back at that time. I really love their raw transparency and openness about how they experience and ride all the waves of a relationship with all its shades (bright or dark 😉).
In the meantime a lot of things have changed in my life.  I’m currently single (I came out much stronger from my last toxic relationship 🙏💜).
I enjoy the energy of the LoveRelationShit Academy and community 😊❤️️
Priska & Bas stay true to themselves and still have this raw and fun openness when I first came across their work.
Big, big thank you to Priska and Bas for being as they are, offering the work they do and holding this safe container 🙏😘


“I enjoy my membership in the LRS academy very much.

The topics cover all you need to learn to live good relationships with yourself and others.

There’s a simple ongoing structure which provides rhythm and regularity. I benefit a lot from the exchange in the group and our shared experiences.

Priska and Bas give powerful impulses, are dedicated to each of us and their comments are professional, thoughtful and to the point. What they teach is authentic and trustworthy.

There’s a respectful, generous and fun energy to the whole LRS academy I don’t want to miss any more!



I do love the academy, even as a single (or maybe actually because I am single).
It gives me so much to think about; so many inputs to reflect my behavior in recent relationships and my expectations of potential new ones.
It makes me look at who I am in different situations and all kinds of relationships.
What I especially love is the « dualistic approach,» that there is always two or even more sides to something, what makes it all so much more realistic.


Bas and Priska give me the feeling of being heard and seen; I appreciate that they take their time and comment on all our posts, that they ask for clarification or about what we are feeling. That is what makes all the difference between The LoveRelationShit Academy compared to any other program about relationships: It is real and not some academic blabla.



I’m so grateful for all the possibilities that Bas and Priska offer in the LoveRelationShit Academy! I experience the Academy and the LRS-family as a safe place to share my struggles and also my precious experiences in relating. It’s very informative to read other people’s sharings. And I like the energy of the group. And for me, the most enriching of the Academy is the openness of Bas and Priska sharing their own struggles. They don’t profile themselves as omniscient, but as a couple that is also busy finding a way in their relationship. That approach stimulates an equal conversation about different aspects of relating. 
I really recommend joining the LRS Academy!’

The Netherlands

The LoveRelationShit Academy is a beautiful experience.
I came here not really knowing what to expect. I knew I wanted to learn more about myself, my patterns and how to overcome them. How to transition from a life that no longer fit into what I am becoming. How to find a real connection.
I have learned so much about my own needs, wants, boundaries and how to love myself. I learned how to be my own hero but it’s so much more than that. We have a community of like-minded beautiful souls. There is vulnerability, truth, peace, love and kindness. It’s a place where you can be who you are and express yourself however you feel comfortable. I truly love everyone in the academy.
I am so grateful to Bas and Priska for bringing us all together to learn and grow in this beautiful environment. We all have so much to learn and to teach each other. So blessed for this opportunity ❤
Love you guys!!!


The LoveRelationShit Academy – I love it! …. The End.

No 🙂 I have more to say about this inspiring academy.

For me, it’s a place where I can learn, share information all around relationships. With myself and others. I can ask everything. I feel very welcome and seen, which is special in this online world. Priska and Bas are so present, and I feel that their work comes from their hearts. It’s almost a mission. A heart mission.

They are pure, honest, smart, funny and very very lovely.
I can learn a lot – and in my opinion, Priska and Bas are a very good example of a healthy love- and soul relationship. Also, the pain, the hurt, and the uncomfortable feelings/behaviors get acknowledged and shared.

There is also lovely support from the other members of the academy. It’s a safe space.
I hope that we will meet each other once in real life or be having regular meetings. I would love that… to inspire and create a world full of love and respect for each other.

A big “thank you”! I am blessed and grateful to be a part of the LRC Academy.



I joined the Academy together with my boyfriend Stefan. We met only a few weeks before and were curious. We were looking for tips and tricks for our upcoming relationship as we both wanted something else than in the past.
What hit us – positively – from the start was that everyone in the group was very open, honest and kind. Bas and Priska share a lot of their experience but also do the other members of the group. I myself shared some very personal stuff because I felt very secured and lifted.
The content was very much a kind of a confirmation that we do a lot of things right within our relationship. Such as open and honest communication, giving space each other, appreciate. The topic that gave us the most until now was the one about expectations. It opened again our eyes to clearly speak about wishes, dreams and expectations. The partner can’t see or smell it even if he/she knows you for months or even years. Talk instead of being frustrated when your partner doesn’t do what you wished for.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to Bas and Priska for creating this space. We really appreciate the work you’re doing!



About Us:

Life coach, actress, reiki master, professional dreamer, heart follower. Priska Baumann is all of that. She writes Love, Truth, and Freedom in capital letters. Because that is what she wholeheartedly stands for and believes in.
A natural authority in her field: Passionately supporting women in unfolding their highest potential and kissing their inner Shero awake.

Next to LoveRelationShit, she is the founder and creator of Priska Baumann SoulFreedom, where she offers online life group coaching programs for women (Sheroes – Women of Freedom // DreamVisionQuests) and individual coaching sessions.

Priska has always been fascinated by emotions and stories. She is a hardcore lover of myths and legends, archetypes and magic and has the ability to bring the wisdom of these stories into daily life.

Life- and relationship coach, author, and (shamanic) healer.
The father of two is the epitome of a life-loving huMAN, who is happiest when connecting deeply with mother nature and embracing all her secrets – the light and the dark ones. He is familiar with both light- and shadow work.

Bas is an extraordinarily creative and natural born leader, who inspires people wherever he goes, by just living, breathing and speaking his truth with a wide open heart.

His ability to see people in their true nature is one of his greatest gifts. He looks behind the veil and is never afraid to name his discoveries.
The big loving heart, his ability to love abundantly and letting everyone feel safe in his presence, gives his clients the ability to fully open up and show themselves – even when there is tough love involved.

Their LoveStory

Bas’ and Priska’s love started under challenging circumstances. They met each other in a Facebook group of like-minded, free-thinking spiritual people. Both were magically drawn to each other’s energies.

As Bas was a married man and a father of two kids, no one of them was having romantic thoughts when they started commenting on each other’s posts and writing more private stuff in private messages.

During a global meditation, Bas could all of a sudden see, feel and even smell Priska. This experience totally blew him off his socks, for he had never experienced such a thing.

Priska had the exact same experience and was freaked out about the amount of love she felt during Bas’ energetic presence. The last thing she wanted was to fall in love with a married man.

After the second meditation a week later, where the same magical phenomenon took place, Bas dared to open up about what happened. At that point, Priska also felt encouraged to share her experiences with him.

While Priska was scared to the bones, Bas insisted on visiting her in Switzerland to find out what exactly was connecting them – and so they met a few months later at the airport in Basel, Switzerland.

Immediately it was clear, that this love was genuine and that they both wanted to be together.

Half a year after this first meeting, Bas was divorced, and Priska had migrated with her dog to the Netherlands, where she then lived for 1,5 years in a little studio before she moved in with Bas and his two kids in the summer of 2017.

An interesting detail: It was only later when Bas realized, that he was night-dreaming about Priska since he was an 8-year-old boy and that the dark-haired girl disappeared out of his dreams the day they met.

Priska too was connecting with Bas in her dreams while sleeping, but without ever seeing his face – although she remembered talking English to him, which only later made sense to her.

Their extraordinary love has been tested in many forms and many ways – but their belief in conscious love, truth, and freedom has helped them to conquer it all and to grow even stronger together

A Last Invitation

If you are you sick and tired of tossing and turning all night alone in bed, wondering if you’re ever going to find that epic Love you’ve been dreaming about, then this is your chance.

You’ve been fed a line of bullshit that’s been holding you back in Love, and quite frankly, we’re over watching you struggle.

That’s why we have created this 11-week program for women like you who are ready to call in epic Love into their life, regardless of where you are on your personal growth journey.

(One of those myths you’ve been fed is that you have to be perfectly happy and in Love with yourself before you can attract someone who will genuinely love you. LIES!!! Not to mention, it doesn’t keep you warm at night.)

So if you’re ready to break through the mindset, blockages, and patterns that have been repelling Love, so you can finally magnetize a passionate, all-including Love into your life, you should most definitely get your spot now.

We can’t wait to get to create some miracles together with you!


This is for me! I want to apply for one of the few spots:

Please send your application to: 



We can’t wait to get to know you on a {free} call!

With all our Love 💜🙏,

Bas and Priska


Pictures by Brooke Cagle, Toa Heftiba, neONBRAND, Joann Boyer, Jakob Ovens via 
Pictures of Priska and Bas by Franziska Freiermuth