RootedLove Workshop in Switzerland – from the 17th till 19th of June 2020 

– for Singles and Couples

If you love Love – then this workshop is for you.

No matter if you are in a relationship, if it is “complicated” or if you are currently single – these three days of (self)love are going to elevate you in all kinds of ways.

We’re going to dive deep into the roots of Love and explore the pillars that make a relationship strong and unshakable.

We’re using tools from Shamanic traditions, spiritual realms and also very western psychological knowledge which we will mix up with our own special secret sauce of relationship magic.


A little taste of what we’re going to cover:

Strong RelationShip Foundation

You will learn what it takes to build strong pillars for your (future) relationship.

Shamanic and Spiritual Tools

We will share with you our sacred tools to create magic in your LoveLife.

Psychological and Neurobiological Tools

We will also bring you more earthly and effective secrets and dynamics of Love

The Archetypes

Do you have access to all the different parts of yourself? Even if we could fill a whole workshop on the archetypes, we will share with you in a nutshell the essentials.

Sacred and Safe Environment

We will create safe space for you to learn and grow.

Final Ritual

To finish off the workshop, we will go to the river Sense for a closing ritual in nature.

Vegan Lunch

You don’t have to worry about your lunch, as Priska’s parents will take care of our nourishment with easy, yummy food.

Personal Environment

We are inviting you into the home of Priska’s parents, where we can use a whole apartment, including a big garden and a gypsy van.

Where and when?


17th – 19th of June 2020  

exclusive for 6 people max

Mittelhäusern (canton of Bern), Switzerland


Arrive at 9.00 am at Priska’s parent’s house and get a warm welcome from us. Let’s drink together a tea or juice under  the apple-tree in the beautiful garden or inside of the house and have an easy start into these 3 days, packed with play, discovery, depth, fun and sacred wisdom.

In case you have a long trip from where you live, you might considering renting a room in the nearby hotel “Bären”  in Niederscherli, which lies around 15-20 Minutes foot-walk away.



Spend a few days in a little paradise.

When the weather allows us to play outside, we will also enjoy the beautiful garden of the family Baumann.

Otherwise we have also a whole apartment and a gypsy van plus a little artist’s house for ourselves.

Imagine sitting in this beautiful garden and discovering all the juicy stuff about LoveRelationShips, that you always wanted to know.

A warm breeze in your hair, the smell of the early summer in your nose and a wide, open and happy heart.


How a day could look like:


9.30 Starting in the garden or the house with a shamanic ceremony, to set the tone for the day and to protect and  honor our work that will be done.

10.00 Official start with content, exercises, and play

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Stepping into some more juicy rituals, workshop- and integration-time

17.00 Time to say goodbye – till tomorrow


All the content we will share is not set in stone and can also be shaped by the participants and their interests.

PS: If wanted, on the last day of the workshop after the final ceremony at the river Sense, we could go to Bern and  eat out in the city. This is an absolute option and not part of the workshop.


Brave Lovers will change the world!


 Included in the workshop:

* Content, fun, and connection

* Fresh fruit, tea, coffee, and water

* 3 vegan lunches (of course you can also bring   your own food!)

* ritual

* surprises and miracles


NOT included in the workshop:

* Any travel and insurance costs

* Hotel, breakfasts and dinners

* Final dinner in Bern

Voices Of Participants 🗣 : 

About us:


We are Bas and Priska, a Dutch/Swiss couple, that met under some turbulent circumstances.


The bumpy road we had to walk to be together, taught us a lot about LOVE, FREEDOM and the inner TRUTH – which has strengthened our belief, that extraordinary relationships are vital for a happy and fulfilled life.

LOVE is what we burn for. And we are here to support you in bringing the beauty of it back into your life.

We are relationship and intimacy experts, working for many years with spiritual tools to heal/expand ourselves and our clients on different levels of being.

One time payment of

€ 1200

4 payments of

€ 350

When you feel a YES in your heart, then send us an email to and let us know, if we might reserve a spot for you in this exclusive group of max 6 beautiful people.


In which language will the workshop take place?

Depending on the participants we’re going to talk English, German or SwissGerman with translation if wanted/needed.

Is there a bus/train going to Mittelhäusern

Yes, there is a train-station in Mittelhäusern, about 30 Minutes from Bern. From there you have to walk around 10-15 Minutes by foot to get to the house of Priska’s parents.

If you have any troubles to get to the retreat, let us know. We love to support you and find solutions.

Is there a bus/train going to Mittelhäusern

Yes, there is a train-station in Mittelhäusern, about 30 Minutes from Bern. From there you have to walk around 10-15 Minutes by foot to get to the house of Priska’s parents.

If you have any troubles to get to the retreat, let us know. We love to support you and find solutions.

Will there be time for myself?
We include time to integrate and will flexibly be able to take breaks when the group might need one.

If you need more time, you can always let us know.

What is your cancellation policy?
As there is only a very small group, there will be no refunds.

But the spots are transferrable.

What do I have to take with me?
* Take some clothes, to go and sit outside in the garden. On the last day, we will go out for the ritual – no matter how the weather will me. So please also bring along some rain-proof clothes.

* A yoga mat or something nice to lay on ( – if there is no possibility for you to bring one, inform us forehand!)

* Special food or snacks, in case you want something different than fresh fruit and vegan lunch (please let us know beforehand if you won’t eat with us so that we can accordingly buy food)

* A personal thing with which you’re going to introduce yourself

* A diary/notebook to take notes if wanted

* An open mind and heart

If you should have any further questions, we will be so happy to answer them.

Please send an email to us{at} and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



With all our Love and happy hearts,

Bas and Priska

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