“He proposed to me last week & I truly couldn’t be happier!”

“Less than a few weeks after working with Bas and Priska, I have met the most wonderful man.

It feels like pure magic to be with him and I have no doubt that he must be my soulmate.

I am forever grateful for Bas and Priska’s support as I’m living now the amazing partnership I have always longed for. 


What If… Big Love Truly Is Meant For You?

(… and not just for the head characters in the movies?)


If you are a single, high-achieving woman, who is done with attracting men that can’t commit or doesn’t want to repeat the same old patterns over and over again, then you are in the right place.


We are going to show you how to attract your beloved with grace and dignity.


“My biggest dream just came true – I’m with THE one.”

“I have no clue what Priska and Bas precisely did, but within the same week after our first talk, I met my beloved, who I know to be my soulmate.

That’s what happens when you get in touch with the magic of these two!


Tantra Teacher and Bodywork Expert

“For the first time in my life, I am experiencing happiness on a daily basis.”



I’m finally with the man I love deeply & we’re planning our first workshop together!”

My struggle in romantic relationships has fully dissolved.


Potential Development Coach

Besides helping you attract your beloved (and live your happily ever after…)

…we’ll show you how to once and for all:



What if you could finally change your stars and attract that high-quality partner?

No more waiting for a miracle.

 Getting actual tools and learning how you can become a magnet for your beloved.

– taught from the female AND male perspective.

Just like these wonderful women did before you. After being single for ages, they found the big love of their lives (engagement rings included)


“After working with Bas and Priska, I found my man!”

THE man who makes me happy, who loves and adores and cherishes and supports me the way I am. And the best thing is: I love him back.


I can receive all the love he gives me and it feels safe and adventurous in our committed love relationship at the same time.


Spiritual Counselor

“I’m ENGAGED! He proposed to me last week!”

“Less than a few weeks after working with Bas and Priska, I have met the most wonderful man.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!


I truly couldn’t be happier to have found my soulmate.



“OMG, it has happened – I found my beloved!”

Only 2 weeks after working with Priska and Bas, I met an amazing man.

He has all the qualities I was looking for in a partner – we share the same values and I can receive all the love he gives me.

It feels safe and adventurous at the same time.


Spiritual Counselor

Let’s have a chat about how we can serve YOU!


There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling powerless when it comes to love.  And we get it – you are so done with all the disappointing experiences from the past.


You want to actually take your power back and CHANGE things for the best.

So let’s hop on a discovery call and see how we can serve you best.

“Priska and Bas know exactly what they are doing.” 

With their loving presence alone, so much healing is happening.



“Thank you, thank you, thank you! After being single for 6 years, I’m now with my soulmate!” 

When we met, we instantly knew. It felt so natural, so clear, so right to just be together. It’s still hard to put into words…

I am happy, filled with joy and so curious where our way will lead us.



“After a lifetime of shallow love, I feel that I want to spend the rest of my life with my man.

I am 46 years old and up till two days ago, I have never experienced real love with a man – even though I have had many relationships. 

After working with Priska and Bas everything shifted and I could tell the man I still love that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I have never felt this way before and we are so willing to make this work.

Women, don’t hesitate and work with Bas and Priska – it’s SO worth it.


Mindfulness Trainer/ Coach

... we dreamt about each other before we met


Bas was dreaming about Priska since he was an 8-year-old boy (and before Priska was even born) and she only disappeared out of his dreams when he met her in real life.

He almost fainted, when he saw a picture of Priska as a child and recognized the girl from his dreams.

Priska dreamt about Bas years before she met him – she never saw his face, but always talked English to him!

...we are both teachers, actors and coaches


While Bas was more focused on his career as a drama and language teacher and was into amateur theatre, Priska directly went to an Acting School after getting her teaching diploma at the University of Berne.

We both started coaching educations later in our lives.

...we both are drawn to Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene


While neither of us is an active member of the Christian church, we both feel a very deep connection to Eesa (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene.


Funny detail: We both were Israel-lit fans and visited Jerusalem and Bethlehem years before we met.

...Priska is a big fan of the series "Outlander"...


… and infected Bas with it.


We are (trying to) talk Scottish all the time since watching the series.

...Bas never misses an episode of "Holland's Next Top Model"


No matter what.


...Priska and Bas "swapped" birthdates


While Bas was planned to enter this world three weeks after he decided to be born (what a hurry), Priska was three weeks too late (it was way too cozy in there).

And so Priska was born on the 22nd of March, the due date of Bas’ birth, and Bas on the 4th of March, the day of Priska’s planned birthday.


...we met for the first time in "another realm"


We met in a Facebook group and were immediately drawn to each other. 

During a global mediation, Priska – while still being in Switzerland – visited Bas in his house in Holland. He could literally see, smell and touch her. 

The same happened vice versa: Bas appeared in Priska’s Bernese apartment and shook things up majorly.

That’s when they both knew that this connection was of importance.


PS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1r6UaUWP3w


...Bas is a stage 4 cancer survivor


He battled cancer in 2010/2011 and won the battle  💪🙏

...Priska is Swiss, Bas is Dutch


Nope, you haven’t heard wrong. We DO have two different accents 🙂

...Priska can talk to angels


True story. After her Reiki initiation, she started to hear and feel angels and learned how to communicate with them.

...we both have a shamanic background


While Bas has been educated by Shamans all around the world in a three-year long training, Priska learned how to do soul retrievals and healings.

...Priska "played" their love story on stage


When Bas decided to go to Switzerland to find out about their connection was not a mere meditation trick, he happened to sit first row at Priska’s new play.

It was called “real.life” and Priska played an older married mother, that fell online in love with a much younger guy.

She literally played the part of Bas in their real-life story.

...after 6 month Priska moved to the Netherlands


Only half a year after we met for the first time in real life, Priska gave up her whole life in Switzerland, gave all her stuff away and moved with her dog Khaleesi to the Netherlands.

Everything she owned, fitted in the trunk of her friend.

She had never been in the Netherlands before, nor did she speak a word Dutch.

She lived for 1,5 years in a small room, before she moved in with Bas and his kids.

...we have adopted 2 street dogs


While Khaleesi already lived with Priska, before she moved to the Netherlands, Loki joined the family later. They both come from Romania.


They are best.

...Priska is living on a plant based diet


Animal rights have always been important to her.

She has been a vegetarian for 22 years (since she was 14) and is living on a plant-based diet for 10 years.


Bas is a part-time vegan as well and stopped eating meat 4 years ago.


...Bas wanted to become a funeral undertaker


Well, he has this fascination for death (from slasher movies, to gory Scandinavian detectives, to burials).

...we're going to marry on the 22nd of August 2020 at 2pm


What’s there to say… 22 seems to follow us everywhere 👼👼

...Bas proposed to Priska on the "Mountain Of The Devil"


On the 8th of December 2018 he asked Priska to marry him on a place which happens to be called “Duivelsberg” (aka the mountain of the devil) 

Have we mentioned yet that we are suckers for duality?

...we speak 4 languages in our household


While the communication with the kids happens mostly in Dutch, Priska and Bas talk English together, the whole family commands the dogs in Swiss and Priska often talks German with the clients in her second business. 


...Bas can see dead people


It’s not unusual that he sees people Priska cannot spot.

Or that he can see energies that Priska can only feel. 


While Priska has no clue what she is actually doing during healing sessions with clients, Bas can literally see the energy that she is moving.

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