The SoulFreedom Guide – My Way To Freedom After A BreakUp

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When I found myself at my very lowest, I looked at what was left of my life shattered in pieces before me, with a hollow heart I found myself on the kitchen floor begging for a miracle to happen. I had struggled and battled for so long and had no other choice than to admit defeat. Somehow, out of nowhere, my pleas were answered. A new lease of life surged up through me – I had the urge to find a new way to happiness.

I decided to learn all the different lessons life was trying to teach me. My goal was to understand why I always ended up at exactly the same point. I decided to embark on an experiment with myself – to accept each lesson without question, whilst growing and becoming the best version of myself. I wanted to discover the secret that kept people strong through the most turbulent of times and by doing this, also found myself on this journey.

This time of transformation took me to the highest highs and the lowest lows my soul had ever experienced. But once I’d made my way, shook the dust off my shoulders, I felt a surge of strength, energy, and Truth pushing me to share what I had found along the way. How wonderful it was to simply feel again! The sense of safety and certainty I’d sought after so desperately was inside me all along and I couldn’t just keep this overwhelming Freedom, happiness and overflowing Love to myself!

My mission, my burning desire, is to share it all with you in this book by giving you the tools to create a life in which you play the leading role and stick to your heart’s true desire.

I hope that my words stir something within you, so you too can come back to your true self – vibrating, in the same way, a finely tuned instrument would, knowing you are able to fill the concert halls of the world with your sound. Let me share the tips and tools from my journey, which have since had a miraculous effect on many other people too.

During my transformation, I used a variety of techniques and exercises and as I journeyed through my consciousness, I recorded everything in a diary which I will share with you so that you can see that this isn’t just theory, it has brought me back to my Soul Freedom over and over again.

And this journey never really ends – it’s the paradox of our time on this earth. As long as we’re here, decisions have to be made and lessons must be learned from them, but the good news is that this life is yours and yours only!

It’s great that you are here and that we share the same desire – to make our time on this planet a wonderful experience. I tip my hat to you, dear friend,

Priska Helena, 2014


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