The Bare Necessities

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The “bare necessities” course is filled with information and tools, that will broaden your perspective on love, relationships, and deeper connections.

We co-created this course together with 30 people over a year in our LoveRelationShit Academy, with topics that were actually requested from the participants and are therefore challenges of “real people”.

In every module, we share our very personal views and stories in a video. Even on sensitive subjects like “jealousy”, “sacred sexuality”, or “communication in conflict”.

In theory, we even go deeper by sharing lots of background information on the topic.

The exercises will activate you to get things moving in your life and to internalize all the shared content.

The Bare Necessities will help you taking aligned action in your love life, to get clarity about inner patterns and to break through things that do not serve you anymore, in order to call in the things that you want in life.

This journey you can take in your own space and time, and from wherever you want to embark on it with unlimited access.


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