A Journey Into a Man’s Mind Series




If you are anything like me, Priska, you have spent hours (and days) of talking with your girlfriends about the mystery of the male brain and their often so incredibly unlogical and annoying behavior.

No sugarcoating here:

I honestly started doubting their capacity for reasonable thinking and acting.

Very often I was pissed at their childish, insensitive and egoistic behavior.

How could guys be so incredibly different than us women?

Well, it’s no secret, that I got one of the amazing guys. My chance to finally find some answers to the burning questions of all my single sisters out there.

So I started collecting questions from women all over the world and sat down together with Bas who honestly all the points with all honesty.

For me personally, this was SUCH a big eye-opener and I truly hope that every woman out there gets to this information.

A true game changer!



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