RootedLove Workshop in Italy – from the 18th till 22nd of June 2019 – for Singles and Couples

A little taste of what we’re going to cover:

Strong RelationShip Foundation

You will learn what it takes to build strong pillars for your (future) relationship.

Shamanic and Spiritual Tools

We will share with you our sacred tools to create magic in your LoveLife.

Psychological and Neurobiological Tools

We will also bring you more earthly and effective secrets and dynamics of Love

The Archetypes

Do you have access to all the different parts of yourself? Even if we could fill a whole workshop on the archetypes, we will share with you in a nutshell the essentials.

Sacred and Safe Environment

We will create safe space for you to learn and grow.

Final Ritual

To finish off the workshop, we will go into nature for a closing ritual.

Vegan Lunch

You don’t have to worry about your lunch. We will be taken care of with easy, yummy, vegan and gluten-free food.

Personal Environment

We are inviting you into the home of our friend Seraina and her beautiful family.

One Free Afternoon

Get to discover the beauty of the region. You are free to do what you please and of course Seraina is there to support us with amazing suggestions.

Daily Yoga

Start every day with a session of gentle yoga with the amazing Seraina, who is not only a trained teacher but also an incredibly powerful light-worker

Where and when?


18th – 22th of June 2019 

exclusive for 10 people max

Calamandrana, Piedmont, Italy 

Arrive at 9.00 am at Seraina’s house and get a warm welcome from all of us. Let’s drink together a tea or juice in the beautiful garden or inside of the house and have an easy start into these 4,5 days, packed with play, discovery, depth, fun and sacred wisdom.

Every morning you have the opportunity to enjoy a session of gentle Yoga with Seraina, before we start into the day. This is – of course – optional, but certainly the best start into a juicy, connected and grounded day of workplay. 

In the vicinity of the retreat center are several hotels and Bed&Breakfasts. We’re going to support you in picking the right one for your budget and wishes.

There are also several restaurants where you can eat dinner in the evenings. Also there, Seraina and her husband are going to advice us with their inside-knowledge.

For the traveling between the Bed&Breakfasts/hotels, the retreat center and the restaurants, it’s handy to have a car.

If you might fly to Milano (Malpensa), there are cheap options to rent a car. We can also support you in creating driving-teams, so that you can save money.

The retreat will end on Saturday the 22nd after lunch so that you have the opportunity to get back home to your part of the world in the rest of the weekend.


Spend a few days in one of the most beautiful little paradises of Calamandrana.

In June, we expect the weather in Italy to be wonderfully warm, so that we can work/play in the beautiful nature around the amazing retreat center.

Next to the garden there is also a beautiful room, that we can use to retreat and meditate.

Imagine yourself sitting in this beautiful garden and discovering all the juicy stuff about LoveRelationShips, that you always wanted to know.

A warm breeze in your hair, the smell of the early summer in your nose and a wide, open and happy heart.

How a day could look like:


9:30 Starting the day with a gentle yoga session with Seraina

10:15 Get together in the garden or the retreat room for a shamanic ceremony, to set the tone for the day and to protect and  honour the sacred work that will be done

10:45 Official start with content, exercises, and play

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Stepping into some more juicy rituals, workshop- and integration-time

17:00 Time to connect, play and to enjoy the rich beauty of Italy in all it’s colours and tastes together with the other participants or on your own – whatever you need.

All the content we will share is not set in stone and can also be shaped by the participants and their interests.


Brave Lovers will change the world!


 Included in the workshop:

* content, fun, and connection

* fresh fruit, tea and water

* 5 vegan lunches (of course you can also bring your own food!)

* freshly made smoothies

* final ritual

* surprises and miracles


NOT included in the workshop:

* traveling costs / rental car

* hotel/B&B, breakfasts (if not included) and dinners

* Possible trips or extra days


Voices Of Participants 🗣 : 

I feel very welcome and seen by Priska and Bas. They are so present, and I feel that their work comes from their hearts. It’s almost a mission. A heart mission.

They are pure, honest, smart, funny and very very lovely.
I can learn a lot – and in my opinion, Priska and Bas are a very good example of a healthy love- and soul relationship. Also, the pain, the hurt, and the uncomfortable feelings/behaviors get acknowledged and shared. Britta

Participant of "The LoveRelationShit Academy

Priska and Bas are a very authentic, open and honest couple. Their energy and what they lived through has packed us into participating in the academy.
They are a great counseling team for all lovers. They take the participants very serious with all their worries and fears. As well they are very honest with their feedback.

We learn and did learn a lot from them. Thank you very much for your energy and for this chance to be an even better lover. Bernarda and Benno

Participants of "The LoveRelationShit Academy

Bas and Priska give me the feeling of being heard and seen; I appreciate that they take their time and comment on all our posts, that they ask for clarification or about what we are feeling. That is what makes all the difference. Karima

Participant of "The LoveRelationShit Academy

Priska and Bas give powerful impulses, are dedicated to each of us and their comments are professional, thoughtful and to the point. What they teach is authentic and trustworthy. Barbara

Participant of "The LoveRelationShit Academy

I had the pleasure to come across the LoveRelationShit work already back in 2016 during a difficult time with my partner back at that time. I really love Bas’ and Priska’s raw transparency and openness about how they experience and ride all the waves of a relationship with all its shades (bright or dark).

Priska & Bas stay true to themselves and still have this raw and fun openness when I first came across their work. Nadja

Participant of "The LoveRelationShit Academy

About us:

We are Bas and Priska, a Dutch/Swiss couple, that met under some turbulent circumstances.

The bumpy road we had to walk to be together, taught us a lot about LOVE, FREEDOM and the inner TRUTH – which has strengthened our belief, that extraordinary relationships are vital for a happy and fulfilled life.

LOVE is what we burn for. And we are here to support you in bringing the beauty of it back into your life.

We both are educated coaches and relationship counselors and have been working for many years with spiritual tools to heal/expand ourselves and our clients on different levels of being.

Our work is a true soul-calling and we pour our everything into serving our clients to get the best possible results.


A message from our host Seraina:

“I am a certified yoga teacher from Yoga University Villeret Switzerland, and have been teaching yoga for 14 years. Next to this, I have had many additional educations in natural remedies, – and methods, nutrition and detoxification, inner and outer beauty, plants, gardening, and much more.

Our family (me, my husband and our two children) have been living in Piedmont, Italy, for nine years now. We emigrated here from Switzerland.

In 2012, I had a vision that showed me that I should build a center of awareness in this part of Italy.

After four years in Italy we found our new home in which all this can be possible.

After the first glance, which really only showed the front facade and the part of the garden in front of it, we knew exactly: that’s it!
So now we live, already for the 5th year, in our historic country house in the village of Calamandrana, on two and a half hectares of land, living our dreams more and more.

I give courses and individual lessons with the goal of inner growth. I love to inspire people to get more in harmony with their bodies and become freer in life, to open their hearts more.”

Get your seat now!








One total payment of

€ 2222

4 payments of

€ 599

When you feel a YES in your heart, then send us an email to and let us know, if you want us to book a spot for you in this exclusive group of max 10 beautiful people. We of course are also there to answer all your questions!




In which language will the workshop take place?

English will be the main language. Depending on the participants we can also insert more German parts.

I want to come by plane. Which airport should I be targeting

The most common and known one would be the airport Milano Malpensa. But there is also the possibility to fly to Milano Linate or Turin (Torino). From all three airports you would need to rent a car to get to Calamandrana, which would be a 1,5 to 2 hours drive. We can also support you in organising groups under the participants, when your flights are somewhat similar.

Is there a bus/train going to Calamandrana?

There is theoretically a possibility to get there by many trains and busses, but it takes almost half a day of traveling, when by car it’s only a 1,5 to 2 hours drive. Therefore it’s needed to have a car or to organize somebody you can drive with (which we will gladly help you with).

Will there be time for myself?

We include time to integrate and there will be possibilities to take breaks when the group might need them.

If you need more time, you can always let us know.

What is your cancellation policy?
As there is only a very small group, there will be no refunds.

But the spots are transferrable.

What do I have to take with me?

* Take some clothes, to go and sit outside in the garden. Although we expect it will be sunny and warm, also bring along some rain-proof clothes.

* Special food or snacks, in case you want something different than fresh fruit and vegan lunch (please let us know beforehand if you won’t eat with us, so that we can accordingly buy food)

* A personal thing with which you’re going to introduce yourself

* A diary/notebook to take notes if wanted

* If you want you can bring your bathing suit or swimming trunks, as there is a pool on the property

* It might be smart to bring some sun protection, as the weather can get quite hot in June in Italy

* An open mind and heart

If you should have any further questions, we will be so happy to answer them. Please send an email to us{at} and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

With all our Love and happy hearts,

Bas and Priska


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