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Private Coaching 🌸

“For the first time in my life, I am experiencing happiness on a daily basis.”

Priska and Bas are amazing coaches. They work very well as a team as they bring both the masculine and the feminine perspective.
They work at very deep levels and in a very powerful way. Thanks to them. I went from a place where I felt stuck, unrecognized and unhappy to a place of joy and respect. For the first time in my life (at least at that level), I am experiencing happiness on a daily basis.
I am not saying it was easy, but I am saying it was so much worth it!
Annick B.


The Academy 🎓

“Priska and Bas are a very good example of a healthy love- and soul relationship.”

The LoveRelationShit Academy – I love it! …. The End.
No 🙂 I have more to say about this inspiring academy.

For me, it’s a place where I can learn, share information all around relationships. With myself and others. I can ask everything. I feel very welcome and seen, which is special in this online world. Priska and Bas are so present, and I feel that their work comes from their hearts. It’s almost a mission. A heart mission.

They are pure, honest, smart, funny and very very lovely.
I can learn a lot – and in my opinion, Priska and Bas are a very good example of a healthy love- and soul relationship. Also, the pain, the hurt, and the uncomfortable feelings/behaviors get acknowledged and shared.

There is also lovely support from the other members of the academy. It’s a safe space.
I hope that we will meet each other once in real life or be having regular meetings. I would love that… to inspire and create a world full of love and respect for each other.

A big “thank you”! I am blessed and grateful to be a part of the LRC Academy



“Bas and Priska give me the feeling of being heard and seen.”

I do love the academy, even as a single (or maybe actually because I am single).
It gives me so much to think about; so many inputs to reflect my behavior in recent relationships and my expectations of potential new ones.
It makes me look at who I am in different situations and all kinds of relationships.
What I especially love is the « dualistic approach,» that there is always two or even more sides to something, what makes it all so much more realistic.

Bas and Priska give me the feeling of being heard and seen; I appreciate that they take their time and comment on all our posts, that they ask for clarification or about what we are feeling. That is what makes all the difference between The LoveRelationShit Academy compared to any other program about relationships: It is real and not some academic blabla.



“What Priska and Bas teach is authentic and trustworthy.”

“I enjoy my membership in the LRS academy very much.

The topics cover all you need to learn to live good relationships with yourself and others.

There’s a simple ongoing structure which provides rhythm and regularity. I benefit a lot from the exchange in the group and our shared experiences.

Priska and Bas give powerful impulses, are dedicated to each of us and their comments are professional, thoughtful and to the point. What they teach is authentic and trustworthy.

There’s a respectful, generous and fun energy to the whole LRS academy I don’t want to miss any more!



“I have learned so much about my own needs, wants, boundaries and how to love myself.”

The LoveRelationShit Academy is a beautiful experience.
I came here not really knowing what to expect. I knew I wanted to learn more about myself, my patterns and how to overcome them. How to transition from a life that no longer fit into what I am becoming. How to find a real connection.
I have learned so much about my own needs, wants, boundaries and how to love myself. I learned how to be my own hero but it’s so much more than that. We have a community of like-minded beautiful souls. There is vulnerability, truth, peace, love and kindness. It’s a place where you can be who you are and express yourself however you feel comfortable. I truly love everyone in the academy.
I am so grateful to Bas and Priska for bringing us all together to learn and grow in this beautiful environment. We all have so much to learn and to teach each other. So blessed for this opportunity ❤
Love you guys!!!


“They are a great counseling team for all lovers.”

Priska and Bas are a very authentic, open and honest couple. Their energy and what they lived through has packed us into participating in the academy.

They are a great counseling team for all lovers. They take the participants very serious with all their worries and fears. As well they are very honest with their feedback.

We learn and did learn a lot from them. Thank you very much for your energy and for this chance to be an even better lover.

Bernarda and Benno


“Priska & Bas stay true to themselves and have this raw and fun openness”

I had the pleasure to come across the LoveRelationShit work already back in 2016 during a difficult time with my partner back at that time. I really love their raw transparency and openness about how they experience and ride all the waves of a relationship with all its shades (bright or dark 😉).
In the meantime a lot of things have changed in my life.  I’m currently single (I came out much stronger from my last toxic relationship 🙏💜).
I enjoy the energy of the LoveRelationShit Academy and community 😊❤️️
Priska & Bas stay true to themselves and still have this raw and fun openness when I first came across their work.
Big, big thank you to Priska and Bas for being as they are, offering the work they do and holding this safe container 🙏😘


“The most enriching of the Academy is the openness of Bas and Priska.”

I’m so grateful for all the possibilities that Bas and Priska offer in the LoveRelationShit Academy! I experience the Academy and the LRS-family as a safe place to share my struggles and also my precious experiences in relating. It’s very informative to read other people’s sharings. And I like the energy of the group. And for me, the most enriching of the Academy is the openness of Bas and Priska sharing their own struggles. They don’t profile themselves as omniscient, but as a couple that is also busy finding a way in their relationship. That approach stimulates an equal conversation about different aspects of relating. 
I really recommend joining the LRS Academy!’


It opened again our eyes to clearly speak about wishes, dreams, and expectations.”

I joined the Academy together with my boyfriend Stefan. We met only a few weeks before and were curious. We were looking for tips and tricks for our upcoming relationship as we both wanted something else than in the past.
What hit us – positively – from the start was that everyone in the group was very open, honest and kind. Bas and Priska share a lot of their experience but also do the other members of the group. I myself shared some very personal stuff because I felt very secured and lifted.
The content was very much a kind of a confirmation that we do a lot of things right within our relationship. Such as open and honest communication, giving space each other, appreciate. The topic that gave us the most until now was the one about expectations. It opened again our eyes to clearly speak about wishes, dreams and expectations. The partner can’t see or smell it even if he/she knows you for months or even years. Talk instead of being frustrated when your partner doesn’t do what you wished for.

We want to say a big THANK YOU to Bas and Priska for creating this space. We really appreciate the work you’re doing!



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